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 Darren Devia vs. Jack Williams-Iron Man Match

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PostSubject: Darren Devia vs. Jack Williams-Iron Man Match   Wed Feb 20, 2008 4:09 pm

Pete hastings: Well what a great night we have here on UWC's first-ever Pay-per-view.

Brad Moll: I'm actually excited for once, properly it is the thought of Daniel Copeland eventually beating Aaron Kendrick later tonight or maybe the fact that we going to finally have a UWC World champion after four long weeks

Pete Hastings: Right but before all of that we have another treat for you all as "the Prophet" Darren Devia will take on his rival Jack Williams here tonight in, wait for it Brad, a falls count anywhere Iron man Match.

Brad Moll: What!!!

Pete Hastings: Yes it was announced on for a while now and general manager Lemmy Gates confirmed it in a press conference. But can you think of a more fitting match to end a rivalry as brutal as this.

They then shows a video package of the events leading into tonight including: the 3-way match, hardcore match, Devia's interview as well as William's latest Xtreme match. It then cuts back live where Tony Ford is standing in the middle of the ring but before he can speak Devia's face appears on the screen

Darren Devia: Well Jack the time is here, the time is now, destiny is at hand and fate has brought us to this moment in time. Jack for three weeks I tried to show you your destiny, I tried to prove to you that every thing has a purpose. But you continually ignored me, you tried as hard as you can to not listen, to not accept the truth, to not accept your fate. You wanted to fight, but not me, no Jack what your where fighting against was you destiny. We known each other for only three weeks and in those three weeks you continually ignored me. Well I tell you one thing that much can change in only a small amount of time and perhaps I have wasted those three weeks trying to prove my point to you. Perhaps it was fate that dictated us to this point so that I can finally show you what I have been trying to show you all of this time. Well Jack much can happen in 30 minute and it only takes 30 minutes for me to defeat you. Jack that will happen I will prevail in the end because Jack that is your destiny. There's 30 midnight.

"Doomsday Clock" by Smashing Pumpkins play as Darren Devia finally appears live, to an enormous pop and makes his entrance to the ring.

Hastings: Well Devia trying to play some last minute mind-games with Jack Williams.

Moll: When will this clown give up

Tony Ford: Ladies and Gentlemen the following contest is a schedule 30-minutes Iron Man, Falls count anywhere match as announced by General Manager Lemmy R. Gates. Introducing first from Sydney, Australia weighing in at 260 pounds he is "the Prophet" Darren Devia.

Devia slides into the ring and climbs the nearest turnbuckle where he does a crucifix-pose he then jumps off and sits on the lowest rope waiting for his opponent.

TBC by Jack Williams
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Darren Devia vs. Jack Williams-Iron Man Match
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