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 Nebula: Heavyweight Championship Elimination Match

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PostSubject: Nebula: Heavyweight Championship Elimination Match   Wed Feb 20, 2008 8:12 am

The fans are going nuts in the Trump Plaza after a fantastic card. The camera takes in the massive scape of the audience, showing every single fan in a panoramic shot. It focuses back in the ring. Suddenly, the lights go out with the exception of a single green strobelight that dances through the arena. The familiar guitar of legend Tony Iommi starts to play, and the fans explode into applause.

Announcer: The following match, is you MAIN EVENT, and is for the UWC Heavyweight Championship! It is an elimination match, where a winner is declared when three members of the match are either pinned or submitted. Introducing first, weighing in from Toronto Canada, he is SFW Hall of Famer... Theeeeee DRAGGGONNN!!!!!

As the announcer yells his name, and the drums kick in, Dragon bursts through the curtains. His standard gold pyro shoots vertically, sparkling in the light. He walks down the entrance ramp, and slaps the hands of fans as he goes. The camera follows him, looking over his shoulder towards the ring. He stands in front of the ring, and grabs the apron. He points at the 'UWC' logo, and yells "THIS IS WHERE IT'S AT BABY!". The fans closest cheer at the respect given by the Veteran.

The Dragon rolls into the ring, and holds his hands in the air. His fans cheer their most-adored wrestler, and he bows in response. He wipes off his red wrestling pants, and checks his ponytail, head together with a small loop of barbedwire that screams 'hardcore'. Taking his corner, he stands patiently...

Announcer: And his opponents, first...

.::TBC by Whomever::.
OoC: Lets put on a great show guys! I'm taking myself out of title contention, just because it wouldnt make sense for the Fed. Good luck to all!
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Nebula: Heavyweight Championship Elimination Match
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