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PostSubject: The CHAMP is HERE!   Wed Feb 20, 2008 12:37 am

Dash Blade = Blue
Interviewer = Red

The Way I Am by EMINEM hits and Dash Blade walks into the ring high fiving fans. They are chanting. DASH DASH DASH!

I have been here at USW for quite a while now and I just want speak on my presence here.

See I am the best thing that will ever happen to this company. Everywhere I have been gold. Wheather it has been CGS or ROG or even WEF I held GOLD. And I am not letting anything different happen here.

Now onto my "rival" Steve Storm. This dude has never beat me for the Gold ever without getting help from his boyfriend, his boss, or his sister. Well I will damn will make sure that the same thing does not go on here I will take out all who steps in the ring with Dash Blade.

Dash Blade step out of the ring and the fans are going nuts and an interviewer runs up to ask him a question.

Dash Blade I have a question what do you think about...

Dash Blade cuts him off by kicking him in the mid section and throwing him into the crowd. The Way I Am hits again and Dash Blade signals for the title around his chest and walks out.

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