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 *** Exclusive: Daniel Copeland Returns***

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Young talent

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PostSubject: *** Exclusive: Daniel Copeland Returns***   Sat Feb 16, 2008 11:15 pm

The camera opens on a backstage area. The UWC logo is situated behind the one and only....DANIEL COPELAND! The camera centers in on him. He is wearing a t shirt that says "1 and Only!". He looks at the camera and removes the black pair of sun shades he is wearing. He smiles at the camera one more time and clears his throat.

Copeland- Do not adjust your browsers and URL's. This is the real deal. You loyal UWC fans are looking at the one and only Daniel Copeland. Recently, I was going through a minor injury sustained in a show in New Japan Pro Wrestling, and was not in any mood to come out and worry the fans. It seems only fitting though, that you know the details. I was wrestling in a tables match, which I lost. My opponent, Nikunagi, went to hit the Niki-bomb on. He didn't get a decent grip around my waist however and dropped me through the table. Now, seeing how I return to the ring next Saturday, you may wonder, if I am not at 100%, would I miss Nebula?... no chance ! I will be at Nebula. I will be at Xtreme, but most importantly, I WANT THE UWC TITLE! I have never gained the respect I deserve. People have beat me. They have treated me like a pile of shit. Well now, I am gonna get what I want.

Copeland storms off pissed.

End of Promo
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*** Exclusive: Daniel Copeland Returns***
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