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 ALL TIME:Most under-rated/over-rated Tag teams!

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The Instant Classic
The Instant Classic

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PostSubject: ALL TIME:Most under-rated/over-rated Tag teams!   Thu Feb 14, 2008 8:38 pm

Underated:i got a few here they are.

AMW:Two great strong men who always conquered there mathes.They may have won the tag titles on numerous occasions,But they were highly underated.I personally think they were the best in the last 15 years which means the dudleys and hardys included.

The quebecers:A great french team who were higly tlaneyted but never recieved the spotlight they deserved.If you ask a kid who wathes wwe and there about twelve "do you know the quebecers".they will say no but if you ask them "do you know LOD".They will say yes which sucks cause the quebecers were 10 times as good

the rockers:The reason i choose these guys is because they have never won the wwf tag titles.They were the best of the late 80s/early 90s and never won.They were a great combination of agility and speed and were always jobbed which was a very poor move by WWE mianly on jannetys part from todays standards.

the briscoes:Current ring of honor team.They are an awesome tag team with great team work.i cant remember in recent memory a more skilled team.If these guys go too WWE or TNA they are going to be HUGE!!.


LOD:Two guys with crappy gimmicks dominating several big promotions.Come on these guys may of pleased kids but they were not very good.Sure they had a good finisher but the lead up was 'clothesline,bodyslam,clothesline,bodyslam'It just got tireing.

Hardys:These guys are crazy no doubt and there considered one of the best teams off all time but seriously jeff is just a stunt man who injures and jobs himself to let the other team win.Matt is highly talented and sure it was a great way for the guys to burst on the scene but seriously they were overated


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Young talent
Young talent

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PostSubject: Re: ALL TIME:Most under-rated/over-rated Tag teams!   Fri Feb 15, 2008 7:40 am

OMG the Briscoes and the British Bulldogs are the most underated tag team.

The most overated tag team would be Team 3D and LOD they suck at wrestling.
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ALL TIME:Most under-rated/over-rated Tag teams!
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