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 Another RAW Mistake, WWE HOF Ceremony, Lashley, & More

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PostSubject: Another RAW Mistake, WWE HOF Ceremony, Lashley, & More   Thu Feb 07, 2008 7:39 am

Kristi TV (the local Corpus Christi NBC affiliate) has an interview up with WWE United States Champion MVP. It is noted in the interview that MVP was originally scheduled to be released from prison in 2008 but got out in 1999 with a half-sentence. Since his release from prison, he has dedicated his life to professional wrestling. Visit to read it.

For those that have asked, WWE will put tickets on sale for their Hall of Fame ceremony on WrestleMania XXIV weekend from Orlando, Florida early next month.

This week on "The Stranglehold" radio show in St. Louis, MMA fighter Marc Fiore joined the show to discuss the opening of Matt Hughes' new "HIT Squad" training facility in the St. Louis area. HIT stands for Hughes Intensive Training. Fiore, Matt Hughes, Robbie Lawler, and Matt Pena are all partners in this facility and will be on-hand for the opening as well as then teaching. When the radio hosts were talking to Fiore about his background, he mentioned his time in Colorado Springs as coach of the US Army wrestling team. The host brought up Bobby Lashley and Fiore laughed and talked about coaching Lashley when he first came onto the team. They still remain in contact and Lashley may actually be coming in for the opening this weekend. It was also pretty clear that Lashley has talked with both Fiore and Hughes about what life could be like in the UFC and working with Dana White.

There was a pretty big production error on this week's RAW. The arm wrestling table was set up sideways during the John Cena - Mark Henry segment. The elbows of the table are supposed to go into the rings with the hand grip off to one side (the left for right handed grapplers). The higher pad is the one that is touched for the win. You can see a video clip of the error at


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Another RAW Mistake, WWE HOF Ceremony, Lashley, & More
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