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 Candice’s Commercial Axed, WWE To Shut Down Former

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PostSubject: Candice’s Commercial Axed, WWE To Shut Down Former   Mon Feb 04, 2008 7:15 pm

- Michelle McCool recently updated her question and answer blog on WWE’s official website.

- The Fifth State that airs on CBC in Canada will be taking a look at the Chris Benoit tragedy this Wednesday.

- Last week we reported that former WWE star, Damian Demento was taking shots at WWE on the popular video site, Youtube.

Apparently now, Damian is being pressured by WWE (by way of messenger Howard Finkel, who personally called him) to shut down his account. They want him to shut down the account because they own the 'Demento' name and he's using it on YouTube. Also, when he puts up his videos, WWE believes that people might think that the videos are somehow associated with WWE.

- Candice Michelle's Super Bowl commercial was apparently axed as it didn’t make the live airing last night. The only commercial to air during the Super Bowl tonight was one on IndyCar racer Danica Patrick.


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Candice’s Commercial Axed, WWE To Shut Down Former
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