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 News On 'Mania, CM Punk, Bret Hart, Hogan, Rock, Austin

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PostSubject: News On 'Mania, CM Punk, Bret Hart, Hogan, Rock, Austin   Sat Feb 02, 2008 7:01 am

The theme for WWE 24/7 in March is Wrestlemania, featuring broadcasts of:

* Wrestlemania 2 (Hogan vs. Bundy)
* WrestleMania 9 (Hart vs. Yokozuka)
* WrestleMania 18 (Hogan vs. Rock)

.. as well as CM Punk hosting a series of matches from WWE's flagship PPV that are overlooked by the main event.

The Legends of Wrestling roundtable will discuss the Wrestlemania event while the Hall of Fame profile will be Bret Hart.

They will also air the 3/11/02 Raw which features the Outsiders & Hulk Hogan against The Rock & Steve Austin, which was the only time Hogan and Austin ever faced off inside the ring.

There will be no WWE house shows scheduled for this weekend. Typically, WWE runs a house show the afternoon of the Superbowl, but not this year. WWE will be taping 2 episodes of RAW on Monday night before the RAW brand heads to Alaska on Wednesday. SmackDown! & ECW will be taping 2 weeks of programming in Texas next week as well before WWE kicks off another international tour. After next week's sets of double tapings, all WWE brands will then be on International tours with SmackDown/ECW going to Mexico, Ecuador, and Chile, while the RAW brand goes to South Korea and Japan.


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PostSubject: Re: News On 'Mania, CM Punk, Bret Hart, Hogan, Rock, Austin   Sun Feb 03, 2008 4:03 am

I have seen the Hogan vs. Bundy match on the best WWE Championship Matches DVD.

It was a great steel cage match.
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News On 'Mania, CM Punk, Bret Hart, Hogan, Rock, Austin
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