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 All time:favourite quote thread

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The Instant Classic

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PostSubject: All time:favourite quote thread   Mon Dec 31, 2007 4:28 pm

This is where you post your favourite quotes in wrestling history

1.(kurt angle is getting an interview)(it goes something like this)(about his match with mysterio)

Interviewer:so kurt how do you feel
Angle:how do i feel how do i feel mysterio has attacked me two weeks in a row would you like it if your interviewing someone and the coach came up and punched you in the face
angle:of course not or when your doing play by play on velocity and coach came and kneed you in the groin
Angle:of course not that would hurt now that twelve year old needs to stop getting in my buisness and because of that im gonna grab his ankle and im not only gonna make him tap but im gonna break his freakin ankle
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All time:favourite quote thread
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