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 Britney Spears To WWE?, Foley Retirement, RAW CD, More

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PostSubject: Britney Spears To WWE?, Foley Retirement, RAW CD, More   Fri Jan 25, 2008 8:26 am

Source • Wrestling Observer Newsletter

- Right now everyone is in the dark about all the mentions of Britney Spears on WWE programming and the company’s official website. While it is possible that Brian Gewirtz and Michael Hayes are up to something that no one else is aware of, it is planned when they mention her name on television and not a coincidence. There was some talk in 2006 of using her in the Kevin Federline angle before the couple separated.

- The new RAW theme music CD is said to be a major disappointment. The album debuted at number 86 on the charts and moved to 66 during week two. Historically WWE CD’s open strong for two weeks and then fade off.

- To correct a report we made last week regarding Mick Foley retiring, it was only a prediction by Brian Fritz and not an actual announcement by Foley. Foley did however make indications on a radio show that retirement could be a possibility in the near future.


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Britney Spears To WWE?, Foley Retirement, RAW CD, More
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