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 The Latest On Lex Luger's Condition, Eugene etc.

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PostSubject: The Latest On Lex Luger's Condition, Eugene etc.   Mon Jan 21, 2008 7:26 pm

Nikita Koloff appeared on the online show on Wednesday night and gave an update on Lex Luger. He said he's traveled twice recently to see Luger. He said Luger is still in a wheelchair after the San Francisco wrestling convention fiasco, and that for a long time, he was paralyzed from the neck down. After Luger spent a week at Stanford Hospital, tests determined nothing. He was sent to the Atlanta Rehab Center where their testing also came back with no answers. According to Koloff, "Lex said his spinal column short circuited," but lately he's been making "remarkable improvement." According to Koloff, Luger can lift his legs and move his torso, and can hold a can in his hand. Koloff said Luger told him, "I've had 49 good years with these legs, and if I never walk again, I'll be the best wheelchairer for Jesus, you've ever seen."

Former WWE star Eugene sets the record straight regarding his old WWE persona in an article on "The character was never deemed mentally handicapped. He was always 'special,'" Dinsmore said. "I had this idea of a character in my head that couldn't tie his own shoes, that was more kid-like, that was more kid-friendly, that couldn't put a square peg into a square hole, but once the bell rang he could do stuff that he saw on TV." You can read the article & see a new picture of him at He's still wearing the "superhero" costume in his wrestling appearances.

There will be a second season of American Gladiators and it will be taped in March in Los Angeles, California. The second season will start airing in July as a part of summer fill-in programming. Hulk Hogan and Laila Ali will be the hosts once again.


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The Latest On Lex Luger's Condition, Eugene etc.
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