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 Backstage Update On A Diva Possibly Released From WWE

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PostSubject: Backstage Update On A Diva Possibly Released From WWE   Mon Jan 21, 2008 7:25 pm

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Anastacia Rose, the former SmackDown backstage interviewee, appears to be through with the company. Her reputation backstage wasn't too good because a number of people backstage considered her to be a "disaster" in the interviewee spot. Considering that she came straight out of the entertainment world (she was a contestant on CW's Pussycat Dolls reality show), it was originally speculated that Rose was the one who made the decision to leave World Wrestling Entertainment, but that doesn't appear to be the case.

Apparently, the company made the decision to replace Anastacia with 2007 Diva Search contestant Lena Yada. Despite Rose's bad reviews from management, people are already questioning the switch. They're already talking like they made the wrong move in giving Rose's interviewee role to Yada. Yada doesn't appear to be long for the role either as she didn't appear on SmackDown last week, instead finding a character spot on ECW.

Vince McMahon and Johnny Ace wanted to justify the Diva Search by having someone from this year's contest contributing to WWE, so they made the call to sign the third place runner-up Lena Yada and rush her on to television. And in their eyes, Rose wasn't doing too good of a job in her role, so they made the decision to replace her with the Diva Search contestant.

Anastacia wrote a recent blog on her MySpace page ( indicating her apparent departure from WWE, but doesn't outright say it. She notes in her blog that a number of people have been asking as to what's going on. She simply writes that she's on to "Bigger and Better things at this time..."


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Backstage Update On A Diva Possibly Released From WWE
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