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Young talent
Young talent

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PostSubject: UWC PPV's   Sun Jan 20, 2008 9:57 am

Jan- Going for the Glory

Feb- Nebula*

March- March Maddness

April- Aggression

May- BackBreaker

June- Fight For Your Life*

July - Crash Landing

Aug - Nemesis

Sept- CyberSlam*(**)

Oct- Graveyard Shift*

Nov- Apocalypse

Dec- Wreck the Halls

* means that this is one of the big 4 ppv's.
** means the fans will get to vote on aspects of the matches.

Specialty Matches

Nebula (Feb.)- Nebula Match:10 ladders are placed around the ring. 2 ladders are 25 feet and the rest are of varing height. 4 contracts are hung from the rafters over the four turnbuckles. Five men enter the macth and the 4 who get contracts move on to the main event...a 4-way, hardcore, elimination match. The winner of the main event becomes #1 contender for the title of their choice.

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